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Expert Care At Home: Bathing & Grooming Solutions For Seniors in Orange County

Our personal care at home can keep your senior clean and looking their best

Our team members at Comfort Keepers of Buena Park, CA understand the challenges seniors can face performing everyday tasks. It could be something as simple as bathing and personal grooming that may require care at home. For example, intimate hygiene, shaving, washing hair, and accessing all those hard to reach places. Our compassionate caregivers and plans ensure you or a loved one's cleanliness is always in check. We help to keep clients clean, healthy, and at low risk from illness and fungal infections that can often result from poor hygiene.

Responsibilities that most of us take for granted can become ordeals for some people as they grow older. It's not a fault, but a reality. It's one of the ways that aging can interfere with what most of us see as simple jobs—things we perform at an almost subconscious level.

Professional Care at Home VS. the Family Caregiver

Family caregivers always have the best interests of their loved ones at heart. But good intentions don't always cut it, not without experience and training. For the inexperienced, trying to bathe a confused older adult can develop into a trying encounter. The senior may become embarrassed and feel exposed. Some folks get angry, or resist any attempts by lashing out, physically, verbally or both. Comfort Keepers of Buena Park have experience in handling such situations so that you don't have to.

Care at home to promote good hygieneHere's a quick rundown of a Comfort Keepers qualities in personal hygiene:

  • Intuitively know how to handle resistant bathers in a kind and compassionate manner
  • Never get embarrassed or deterred from intimate bathing
  • Fully-trained in all aspects of bathing and grooming, including genitalia hygiene
  • Understand all the health and safety aspects of senior washing
  • Know how to undress, towel, and dress clients, including those with disabilities

Comfort Keepers Good Practices

This sensitive area of senior care at home becomes much less of an ordeal with caregivers who follow good practices. Comfort Keepers of Buena Park, CA, understand how it's the little things that can make the biggest differences. We determine a routine, which most clients appreciate. How to bathe—bath tub, shower, or manual wash-down—is just as important as when to bathe. We also take into consideration the small details like what to wash with, i.e. a washcloth or sponge.

Comfort Keepers are always well-prepared. It may seem like a minor detail but it helps to make the process so much smoother. In fact, we don't even proceed until we have soaps, shampoos, sponges and towels ready in advance.

If you or a loved one lives in or around Buena Park, Cerritos, Cypress, and Lakewood, CA, and would like to know more about our quality  care at home, please contact us. One of our health care consultants can arrange a free appointment to discuss in-home care solutions. We can go over personal grooming and any other areas of senior home help you'd like to know more about.  You can reach us at Buena Park, CA (714) 202-0197.


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