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Senior Care in Anaheim, CA

Comfort Keepers offers housekeeping as part of their senior services in Anaheim, CA

Getting a housekeeper for your senior loved one seems like a simple proposition, right? You might even think you can save a bit of money by hiring the housecleaners in the neighborhood that just left flyers on your loved one’s door. The truth is that you probably won’t save a lot of money and there are a number of reasons why just hiring a housekeeper might not be the best idea. Comfort Keepers of Buena Park, CA offers housekeeping as part of our senior care and here is a bit more about why we think our housekeeping services are a better choice.


Senior care services to help loved ones at home in Anaheim, CAWhile there are the obvious safety issues that go along with having anyone in your loved ones home that you do not know, there is a bit more to this issue than you might think. A housekeeper may be bonded, insured, and even have a background check, but background checks are becoming increasingly complex and it may not be geared towards the appropriate concerns that you may have for your senior. Comfort Keepers offers fully trained, licensed caregivers who have had a thorough background check before they are ever allowed to work with clients.

Why is training necessary? Cleaning the house is the same no matter what, right? But think about the safety hazards seniors face every day. Falling or tripping over obstacles is a common source of injury for the elderly. Housekeepers are not trained to lookout for those potential hazards to your loved one’s safety. A broom left in the wrong place, a piece of a throw rug upturned, or even an electrical cord left in the wrong place can put your loved one at risk. Our care services start with caregivers that have been fully trained in senior care and safety and one aspect of that training is ensuring that your loved one’s home is free of hazards that might become a risk for injury.

Interactive Care

There are other reasons besides safety to consider senior care services rather than a housekeeper to help your loved ones with their chores. Comfort Keepers brings carefully chosen, highly trained caregivers into your loved one’s home with a focus on interactive care giving. If your loved one is struggling with housekeeping chores, chances are good they do not get out and about much and their activity levels are probably reduced.

These factors can have a profound effect on health both from the standpoint of physical health and the need for socialization. In home care services from Comfort Keepers includes an interactive component that keeps your loved one involved in every way they are able, fulfilling those needs for companionship and activity.

One Step Further

Senior care offered by Comfort Keepers takes housekeeping and care services one step further, providing safety, companionship, and comfort. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of in home care, contact us at (714) 202-0197 for more information. We would be happy to answer your questions and schedule an in home consultation to learn more about what we can do for you. 

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